Membership Contribution

Thank you for supporting IKAR by making a membership contribution. We are grateful to be in community with you!

Your tzedakah (contribution) is essential to the growth and sustenance of our community. We’re deeply grateful for your contribution at whatever level you are able to offer.

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There are four membership contribution levels to choose from - all of them put you in relationship with our clergy and community.<br><br> 1) <strong> FELLOW TRAVELER </strong> You love IKAR and IKAR loves you. <br><br> 2) <strong> KINDRED SPIRIT </strong> You're fired up and want to go the extra mile to support the work of our community. <br><br> 3) <strong> SOUL MATE </strong> You’re a rockstar. You want a faith-rooted, justice-driven Judaism to thrive, and you’re helping make that happen. <br><br> 4) <strong> IKAR from AFAR </strong> You want to be a part of the IKAR goodness, even though you can't join us in person. Or maybe you’re local, but you already have another shul so you’re interested in an associate membership. We welcome you! <br><br> EZRA - We never want financial constraints to get in the way of your full participation in the community. Please indicate a contribution amount that is meaningful to you.



































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EZRA MEMBERS: To set up installments for your membership, please CLICK HERE.