IKAR Membership

There are four membership contribution levels to choose from - all of them put you in relationship with our clergy and community, and it means that you’ll receive all of our pre-HHD and membership goodies throughout the year. We’re grateful for your support and commitment to our community. <br><br> 1) AIDER This is our standard membership. You love IKAR and IKAR loves you. <br><br> 2) ABETTOR You are fired up about supporting an organization that's walking the walk, and want to go an extra mile to support our community. <br><br> 3) CO–CONSPIRATOR You’re a rockstar. Your commitment to our community inspires us, and make the good work possible every day. You want a faith rooted, justice driven Judaism to thrive, and you’re helping make that happen. <br><br> 4) IKAR from AFAR (formerly ASSOCIATE) You want to be a part of the IKAR goodness, even though you live outside Los Angeles. We welcome you to join us virtually from wherever you live, whether that’s in New York, Tel Aviv or Buenos Aires.






























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